Becel – plants are the new cows

We all know that we need to eat fewer animal products, which is very important for both our planet and health. Eating less meat is the most common measure for that. But what about fats? Becel asked 2twintig to put the discussion about healthy fats on the map and present margarine as a healthy vegetable variant.


We opted for a structural and long-term approach. Networks, introduction and building are crucial in this. But we also bring new introductions and campaigns to the attention, such as the Becel Drinks that were introduced together with the “Plants are the new cows” campaign.


The introduction of “Plants are the new cows” caused a stir. Politicians tweeted enthusiastically, farmers acted and vegetable food enthusiasts responded super enthusiastically to the Becel Drinks that we sent them. This resulted in many publications. In addition, we continuously work on expanding the Becel network, we have found proponents of vegetable nutrition and we have had interesting conversations about our nutrition of the future.

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