During the festive season of December, is extremely busy as 25 orders per second are being placed at this seasonal peak. Every year, the records are being broken again. This season starts with Singles Day, a day 2twintig has promoted together with since 2017. One week later, Sinterklaas arrives in the country, and the week after, Black Friday is being celebrated.

A few weeks later the Sinterklaas celebrations take place and Christmas already peeks around the corner. In conclusion, busy times for the online shop, which is why has asked 2twintig to help them out. The PR goal is to gain as much publicity around the marketing campaigns as possible.

Approach was all over the media during these festive days. All the editors, bloggers, vloggers, and radio- and tv-channels received tailormade inspiration. Single influencers were spoiled, mothers received the most wanted presents for their children, Sinterklaas-eve was well-prepared, and Christmas trees were delivered at the homes of interior bloggers.

We provided the news media with many updates on the most actual events around the festive highlights. To see how everything was arranged during the busy period, the press was even allowed to have a look behind the scenes. We are still impressed by how well this process developed, and we are happy that we managed to keep up with the busy schedule of the holiday season.


The numbers of publications, media value and selling numbers of which many companies dream, were of course very pleasing. However, most of all we are proud of the quality of the published articles, and the enthusiastic, happy, sincere, and beautiful stories.

Of course, there were issues around the deliveries of presents, and not everyone liked the approach of some of the marcom-campaigns, but that is part of the game. The most important thing is that with our PR, we proactively contributed to the festive and warm feelings during the holidays, which made it a wonderful year-end closing.

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