Douwe Egberts – Neighbourhood Day


Neighborhood Day is all about connecting as many neighbors as possible. Neighborhoods become more fun, social and safe when neighbors meet, help each other and get involved together.

Douwe Egberts connects neighbors, with a good cup of coffee. With coffee, you can really take some time for your neighbors. For neighbors, coffee is the beginning for establishing and strengthening contacts. And those contacts are the basis for a fun Neighbourhood Day! The Oranje Fonds supports social initiatives, promoting contact and connection between groups of people. Douwe Egberts and the Orange Fund like to contribute to this and are therefore initiators of neighbourhood day.


Douwe Egberts asked 2twintig to do the press approach: how do we get as much attention to Neighborhood Day as possible and best communicate the social aspect of Neighborhood Day?

We coordinated a layered and phased approach to give visibility to (the social aspect of) Neighborhood Day:

  • activation to boost enrollment.
  • event to highlight the comfort of our own homes and neighbourhood.
  • media approach (i.c.w. local photography in all provinces)

The kick-off event was a fairly local affair, so we focused mostly on approaching local media and some national titles. In addition to this approach towards traditional media to bring Neighbourhood Day even more to the attention of a wide audience, we partnered with 10 social influencers.


By personally plugging, several local titles in Utrecht published in the announcement to this event (including RTV Utrecht and indebuurt). Nationally, it was picked up by RTL boulevard, partly due to the presence of radio DJ Domien Verschuren, as presenter. The campaign with 10 social influencers delivered a reach of 199,029.

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