Hoppenbrouwers is one of the fastest growing technical service providers in the Netherlands. For several years now, Hoppenbrouwers has been working with 2twintig on a predominantly corporate PR level. 2twintig advises the company on reputation and assists their communications team in the execution of press materials around moments of success. We have also provided the content for Hoppenbrouwers’ annual report for several years.

However, success also has a downside; in the summer of 2021, Hoppenbrouwers is hit by a global hack. The system is completely down, and while Hoppenbrouwers is busy repairing the damage, various media are already starting to publish about the hack.


We immediately advised Hoppenbrouwers to take the reins and proactively share how they responded to the hack. In this way, we wanted to limit reputational damage and turn the crisis into a PR opportunity. Hoppenbrouwers took our advice and unlike the other affected companies, who did not want to burn their hands over the hack, Hoppenbrouwers was given multiple opportunities to tell their story.  


This proactive press approach resulted in extensive coverage of Hoppenbrouwers by NOS, RTL and the regional media, among others. In 2022, Hoppenbrouwers even published a book about this under the motto: “never let a good crisis go to waste!

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