I-KOOK – the kitchen for everyone

I-KOOK sells kitchens in a different way than people are used to. Therefore, there are no kitchen sellers, but kitchen coaches. No overkill to sellers, order processors, service departments and anonymous telephone numbers, but a kitchen coach who is there to help you, starting from first contact to delivery and even after that.
I-KOOK wants to share this story with the world through all possible online channels and has involved the help of 2twintig.


The I-KOOK target group is mostly active on Facebook. We set up a content strategy for this channel to offer relevant content to the target group so we could create content without getting that disturbing advertisement feeling. In this way I-KOOK is aiming to be on top of mind by the target group, so they remain involved with the brand for a long period.

This content was created in collaboration with various social influencers, who share recipes with the followers of I-KOOK and expose the process of purchasing a new kitchen at I-KOOK.

The kitchen coaches themselves are very visible on the channels. Various YouTube videos have been recorded in which kitchen coaches visit one of their customers to show the end result and to tell about the process. This benefits the reliability and credibility of I-KOOK.


Within two years I-KOOK has a Facebook page with more than 20.000 followers. A committed group of followers has emerged that is actively responding to the posts. Buyers of a new kitchen also like to share their findings via Facebook and more new interested buyers are joining this channel.

Also interested?

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