Influenza stichting – Dutch National Flu Vaccination Day


Every year, 2twintig organizes the PR surrounding National Flu Awareness Day. This day is meant to draw the attention of the Dutch to the flu vaccine, but became extra newsworthy during the corona pandemic and the growing resistance among the population to vaccination in general.


2twintig therefore adopts a differentiated media approach each year to ensure that news outlets cover the topic as objectively and comprehensively as possible. Each year we invite media to a “vaccination moment,” where the secretary of state and a number of other Dutch people come to get their flu shot.

The differentiated media approach of 2twintig consists of initiating and coordinating earned interviews with the secretary of state and the flu shot spokesperson with relevant media outlets, so that there is sufficient coverage of the topic prior to, during and after the shot moment.


In 2022 the earned PR approach generated on- en offline publications with a total worth of € 2,5 million. 

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