Johma – Joher

In appearance they differ considerably, but the lives of twin brothers Johan and Herman Lette are almost synchronous. Born on the same day, married on the same day with two sisters and retired on the same day. They cycled daily from the same street to Johma in Losser. After nearly forty years of service, they said goodbye to Johma at the end of 2018. As an ode to these special twins, Johma renamed Johma for a week to Joher, a combination of the first parts of their names.


This unique story was deserved to be told. Preferably by national press, if it was up to us. A short press release and personal follow-up with press relations was sufficient for a snowball effect in this case. The success started with attention of regional media like Hallo Losser and RTV Oost and ended with nationwide known media as Radio 538, Hart van Nederland and De Telegraaf. A beautiful and positive Johma PR story that absolutely is one to remember! Also for these gentlemen, whose farewell was made even more unforgettable by all the attention.

Herman Lette in the AD news paper said: “We are almost celebrities in Losser. I hardly dare to go to the supermarket anymore, everyone appeals to us. “Johan adds to him: “This is a fantastic sign of appreciation. We will miss Johma very much.”


The PR value was sky high, which is proven with the ROI of 160.

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