As a manufacturer of automated systems for dairy farmers, Lely is actively involved in nitrogen reduction. A highly topical and loaded topic, which must be tackled with great precision from a PR perspective.


2twintig therefore helps the market leader in Maassluis on this issue with an active and reactive press strategy, which includes media training, messaging, press contacts and other practical and strategic support for the spokespersons.

In 2022, Lely also opened the renovated Lely campus, where the headquarters and factory are located. This opening was attended by Dutch King Willem-Alexander, so the opening required extra (media) attention.

A senior advisor of 2twintig was seconded full-time to Lely for several months and assisted the multinational in all kinds of practical and strategic PR and communication work.


The client was very satisfied with our advisor. The assignment was eventually extended three times until Lely’s new public relations consultant was sufficiently inducted and a solid public relations foundation for Lely was on the table.

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