a couple times a year, schoonenberg organizes the ‘hearing test days’. a short test has been developed for this event, giving people a green, orange or red ‘hearing score’. the question was how we could draw attention to hearing health in general and the ‘hearing test days’ in particular.


with a ‘mobile hearing test on tour’ bus, we visited several influencers who could either take the test themselves or with their parents in front of their own front door. we created beautiful content that the influencers could post, reaching people who are otherwise less likely to get in touch with schoonenberg’s message. this is important because it has been proven that if you continue to walk around with impaired hearing, it also has a negative impact on the mind and on the development of conditions such as dementia.


the ‘mobile hearing test on tour’ bus attracted a lot of attention on the streets. the followers of the seven participating influencers responded enthusiastically. the clear story and the call to action that accompanied it were understood and embraced by followers.

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