Sultana – 5 natural ingredients, that’s all; Just Good

The introduction of Sultana’s Just Good was something else than regular blueberry fruit biscuits. The special aspect of the Just Good-bars is that they consist of only 5 (natural) ingredients; tasty and responsible. Our approach had one specific goal: to show everyone that the bars are inartificial and that no factory is required to produce them. All you need are five ingredients and a kitchen machine.


We actually made a roadmap! We started with an extensive mailing to forty social influencers from several categories. The receivers of the mailings varied from mommy influencers (they received responsible snacks for kids) to athletes (who received energy bars). The message: you can create it yourself, but perhaps the wrapped Just Good bars are easier. We challenged the influencers to create the bars themselves.

Furthermore, we extended the collaboration with three enthusiastic influencers. Together we thought of recipes which included the bars, and we organised a Meet & Greet with their followers/fans in Amsterdam. Clattering, blending and socializing, and after all: creating personal bars. Creativity was essential during this sunny afternoon!


One thing became clear: the ready-to-eat wrapped Sultana Just Good bar is much more practical and leaves less of a mess behind. This resulted in very diverse, surprising and colourful posts and stories on Instagram.

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