Tesa is the best-known tape brand for anyone who has ever stood with a paintbrush in their hands. Among consumers, name recognition is incredibly high. Among professionals, on the other hand, Tesa’s authority as a professional brand is not as high. Many painters and construction workers see Tesa as a consumer brand and therefore less interesting for “the real thing. This is not due to the product range: it is strong enough. Reason is really brand perception.


Time for 2twintig to reverse that brand perception among professionals. We created a clear, distinctive proposition for Tesa. We translated the USPs into appealing storylines and plotted them in a PR calendar with multiple news moments. In 2022, we rolled out the media offensive, with trade media receiving, among other things, a product mailing containing the various tapes. Also in 2023, we create content for Tesa and organize a Tesa Tour along various trade shows to provide the company with a platform and multiple touch points with the end user.

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