our expertise

2twintig is a full service pr agency. our rotterdam mentality distinguishes us from other pr agencies in the netherlands. rotterdam is a city of few wasted words, but at the same time of hard work. our clients appreciate these qualities in particular, strong strategically, but also always concrete, with practical conversion into activities.

we believe that pr can be used to build and maintain a brand’s reputation. we work to build credibility and confidence, the essential conditions for a strong brand.

our disciplines

this means that our daily business is:

  • strategic advice on communications
  • press approach (build up and maintain media relations and generate free publicity off- en online)
  • organise events like seminars/fairs, pr-stunts, press events/press trips and round table conversations
  • advice on and execution of online pr via social media like instagram, blogs, facebook, linkedin and pinterest
  • scenario planning, communications approach and coordination in case of recalls, mergers, take overs, reorganisations and ad hoc (social) issues
  • advice on communications about sustainability
  • text productions like advertorials
  • media training and advice for spokes persons
  • coaching of pr-professionals
  • media monitoring