Robijn is known for its great-smelling laundry detergents and fabric softeners. To maintain that unique scent experience longer, Robijn added scent capsules to its detergents in 2021. This reactivates that typical Robijn scent every time you step into your bed… read more


Network operator Stedin wants to encourage consumers to use energy when the sun is shining or the wind is blowing. Because at those times a lot of energy is available, which would otherwise be delivered back to the grid. With all the associated technical problems… read more


Chocolate and cookie manufacturer Verkade chose a new brand direction in 2023: “Lekker écht since 1886. But how do you include buyers and employees in your new story?.. read more


Lely is a major player in the agricultural sector and was getting more and more attention from the press – both positive and negative. In the field of PR, Lely did not yet have much knowledge and experience, so the company contacted us… read more

Het Vergeten Kind

Stichting het Vergeten Kind (The Forgotten Child Foundation) stands up for disadvantaged children. In 2022, the foundation campaigned to end closed youth care because research shows that incarceration leads to even greater mental health problems and new traumas in three-quarters of children… read more