Robijn Boutique on Wheels

Robijn is known for its great-smelling laundry detergents and fabric softeners. To keep that unique scent experience longer, Robijn added scent capsules to its detergents in 2021. This reactivates that signature Robijn scent every time you step into your bed.

To raise awareness of this product innovation, we wanted to organize a big media event. However, the introduction of Robijn’s Capsule Collection fell in the middle of the corona pandemic, so a big event was not possible.

Thereupon, twenty-two came up with an alternative: the Robijn Boutique on Wheels. Instead of a large event, we took a cost-effective, tailor-made, earned press approach. A fully branded, furnished bedroom on wheels visited a dozen influencers in front of their homes. The Robijn lovers were allowed to take a seat on the Robijn bed for the ultimate fragrance experience.

This pragmatic, original approach proved very effective. With a potential reach of 401,200, a PR value of €63,864 was achieved and an ROI of 6.