Stichting het Vergeten Kind [ The Forgotten Child Foundation ]

The Forgotten Child Foundation stands up for disadvantaged children. In 2022, the foundation campaigned to end closed youth care because research shows that incarceration leads to even greater mental health problems and new traumas in three-quarters of children. 

Twenty-two PR has been working for The Forgotten Child Foundation for years. To address the problem surrounding closed juvenile care, 2twenty first raised the issue through the media. Then we created momentum and increased the urgency by calling on the public to sign the petition. We then handed it to the minister in front of the press and public.

The best result of the campaign: as a result of the public outrage and the research results, the minister decided to revise the law. All the attention also resulted in a PR value of over 6 million euros.

This case earned twenty-two PR an Effie.