HARIBO has been making the most delicious candies for more than 100 years. And to make sure that all the green frogs, gummy bears and marshmallows sell, the management has mapped out a route to 2025 that includes the company’s goals and corresponding implementation.


Of course, corporate goals cannot be achieved without internal support, and to achieve that, 2twintig devised several internal activations. Not to sugarcoat the policy, but to stimulate company pride and appreciation, so that employees remain proud of the sweetest job on earth.

We organized an online talk show to make all HARIBO employees part of the strategic plan at the same time. To reinforce the plan, we also organized team days for the sales office and people in production.


By organizing totally different but very appropriate activities, the various employees felt taken seriously and appreciated. This resulted in a positive, open attitude that fully embraced the corporate strategy.

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